(40% of world total, 49% of world total in the sciences, medicine, and economics)


The following table contains a listing of US Nobel Prize winners, as of 2018, using the definition of nationality employed by the Nobel Foundation (citizenship at the time of award).
There have been a total of 366 such awards to 364 individuals (John Bardeen having won twice in physics and Linus Pauling having won once each in chemistry and peace).

CHEMISTRY (75 awards)
LITERATURE (12 awards)

1914, Chemistry, Theodore W. Richards

1932, Chemistry, Irving Langmuir
1934, Chemistry, Harold C. Urey
1946, Chemistry, John H. Northrop
1946, Chemistry, Wendell M. Stanley
1946, Chemistry, James B. Sumner
1949, Chemistry, William F. Giauque
1951, Chemistry, Glenn T. Seaborg
1951, Chemistry, Edwin M. McMillan
1954, Chemistry, Linus Pauling
1955, Chemistry, Vincent du Vigneaud
1960, Chemistry, Willard F. Libby
1961, Chemistry, Melvin Calvin
1965, Chemistry, Robert B. Woodward

1966, Chemistry, Robert S. Mulliken
1968, Chemistry, Lars Onsager
1972, Chemistry, Christian Anfinsen
1972, Chemistry, Stanford Moore
1972, Chemistry, William H. Stein
1974, Chemistry, Paul J. Flory
1976, Chemistry, William Lipscomb
1979, Chemistry, Herbert C. Brown
1980, Chemistry, Paul Berg
1980, Chemistry, Walter Gilbert
1981, Chemistry, Roald Hoffmann
1983, Chemistry, Henry Taube
1984, Chemistry, Bruce Merrifield
1985, Chemistry, Jerome Karle
1985, Chemistry, Herbert A. Hauptman
1986, Chemistry, Yuan T. Lee

1986, Chemistry, Dudley R. Herschbach
1987, Chemistry, Charles J. Pedersen
1987, Chemistry, Donald J. Cram
1989, Chemistry, Sidney Altman (also Canada)
1989, Chemistry, Thomas R. Cech
1990, Chemistry, Elias James Corey
1992, Chemistry, Rudolph A. Marcus
1993, Chemistry, Kary B. Mullis
1994, Chemistry, George A. Olah
1995, Chemistry, Mario J. Molina
1995, Chemistry, F. Sherwood Rowland
1996, Chemistry, Robert F. Curl Jr.

1996, Chemistry, Richard E. Smalley
1997, Chemistry, Paul D. Boyer
1998, Chemistry, Walter Kohn
1999, Chemistry, Ahmed Zewail (also Egypt)
2000, Chemistry, Alan G. MacDiarmid
2000, Chemistry, Alan Heeger
2001, Chemistry, K. Barry Sharpless
2001, Chemistry, William S. Knowles
2002, Chemistry, John B. Fenn
2003, Chemistry, Peter Agre
2003, Chemistry, Roderick MacKinnon
2004, Chemistry, Irwin Rose
2005, Chemistry, Robert H. Grubbs
2005, Chemistry, Richard R. Schrock
2006, Chemistry, Roger D. Kornberg
2008, Chemistry, Martin Chalfie
2008, Chemistry, Roger Y. Tsien
2009, Chemistry, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
2009, Chemistry, Thomas A. Steitz
2010, Chemistry, Richard F. Heck
2012, Chemistry, Brian K. Kobilka
2012, Chemistry, Robert J. Lefkowitz
2013, Chemistry, Martin Karplus (also Austria)
2013, Chemistry, Michael Levitt (also Great Britain and Israel)
2013, Chemistry, Arieh Warshel (also Israel)
2014, Chemistry, Eric Betzig
2014, Chemistry, William E. Moerner
2015, Chemistry, Paul L. Modrich
2015, Chemistry, Aziz Sancar (also Turkey)
2016, Chemistry, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart
2017, Chemistry, Joachim Frank
2018, Chemistry, Frances H. Arnold
2018, Chemistry, George P. Smith

1970, Economic Sciences, Paul A. Samuelson
1971, Economic Sciences, Simon Kuznets
1972, Economic Sciences, Kenneth J. Arrow
1973, Economic Sciences, Wassily Leontief
1975, Economic Sciences, Tjalling C. Koopmans
1976, Economic Sciences, Milton Friedman
1978, Economic Sciences, Herbert A. Simon
1979, Economic Sciences, Theodore W. Schultz
1980, Economic Sciences, Lawrence R. Klein
1981, Economic Sciences, James Tobin
1982, Economic Sciences, George J. Stigler
1983, Economic Sciences, Gerard Debreu
1985, Economic Sciences, Franco Modigliani
1986, Economic Sciences, James M. Buchanan Jr.
1987, Economic Sciences, Robert M. Solow
1990, Economic Sciences, Merton H. Miller
1990, Economic Sciences, William F. Sharpe
1990, Economic Sciences, Harry M. Markowitz
1992, Economic Sciences, Gary S. Becker
1993, Economic Sciences, Douglass C. North
1993, Economic Sciences, Robert W. Fogel
1994, Economic Sciences, John C. Harsanyi
1994, Economic Sciences, John F. Nash Jr.
1995, Economic Sciences, Robert E. Lucas Jr.
1996, Economic Sciences, William Vickrey
1997, Economic Sciences, Robert C. Merton
1997, Economic Sciences, Myron S. Scholes
2000, Economic Sciences, James J. Heckman
2000, Economic Sciences, Daniel L. McFadden
2001, Economic Sciences, A. Michael Spence
2001, Economic Sciences, Joseph E. Stiglitz
2001, Economic Sciences, George A. Akerlof
2002, Economic Sciences, Vernon L. Smith
2002, Economic Sciences, Daniel Kahneman (also Israel)
2003, Economic Sciences, Robert F. Engle
2004, Economic Sciences, Edward C. Prescott
2005, Economic Sciences, Robert J. Aumann (also Israel)
2005, Economic Sciences, Thomas C. Schelling
2006, Economic Sciences, Edmund S. Phelps
2007, Economic Sciences, Leonid Hurwicz
2007, Economic Sciences, Eric Maskin
2007, Economic Sciences, Roger Myerson
2008, Economic Sciences, Paul Krugman
2009, Economic Sciences, Elinor Ostrom
2009, Economic Sciences, Oliver E. Williamson
2010, Economic Sciences, Peter A. Diamond
2010, Economic Sciences, Dale T. Mortensen
2011, Economic Sciences, Thomas J. Sargent
2011, Economic Sciences, Christopher A. Sims
2012, Economic Sciences, Alvin E. Roth
2012, Economic Sciences, Lloyd S. Shapley
2013, Economic Sciences, Eugene F. Fama
2013, Economic Sciences, Lars Peter Hansen
2013, Economic Sciences, Robert J. Shiller
2015, Economic Sciences, Angus Deaton (also Great Britain)
2016, Economic Sciences, Oliver Hart
2017, Economic Sciences, Richard H. Thaler
2018, Economic Sciences, William D. Nordhaus
2018, Economic Sciences, Paul M Romer

1930, Literature, Sinclair Lewis
1936, Literature, Eugene O'Neill
1938, Literature, Pearl Buck
1949, Literature, William Faulkner
1954, Literature, Ernest Hemingway
1962, Literature, John Steinbeck
1976, Literature, Saul Bellow
1978, Literature, Isaac Bashevis Singer
1980, Literature, Czeslaw Milosz (also Poland)
1987, Literature, Joseph Brodsky
1993, Literature, Toni Morrison

2016, Literature, Bob Dylan
PEACE (21 awards)
PHYSICS (95 awards)

1906, Peace, Theodore Roosevelt
1912, Peace, Elihu Root
1919, Peace, Woodrow Wilson
1925, Peace, Charles G. Dawes
1929, Peace, Frank B. Kellogg
1931, Peace, Jane Addams
1931, Peace, Nicholas Murray Butler
1945, Peace, Cordell Hull
1946, Peace, Emily Greene Balch
1946, Peace, John R. Mott
1950, Peace, Ralph Bunche
1953, Peace, George C. Marshall
1962, Peace, Linus Pauling
1964, Peace, Martin Luther King
1970, Peace, Norman Borlaug
1973, Peace, Henry Kissinger
1986, Peace, Elie Wiesel
1997, Peace, Jody Williams
2002, Peace, Jimmy Carter
2007, Peace, Albert Gore
2009, Peace, Barack  H. Obama

1907, Physics, Albert A. Michelson
1923, Physics, Robert A. Millikan
1927, Physics, Arthur H. Compton
1936, Physics, Carl D. Anderson
1937, Physics, Clinton Davisson
1939, Physics, Ernest Lawrence
1943, Physics, Otto Stern

1944, Physics, Isidor Isaac Rabi
1946, Physics, Percy W. Bridgman
1952, Physics, Felix Bloch
1952, Physics, E. M. Purcell
1955, Physics, Willis E. Lamb
1955, Physics, Polykarp Kusch
1956, Physics, John Bardeen
1956, Physics, Walter H. Brattain
1956, Physics, William B. Shockley
1959, Physics, Emilio Segrè

1959, Physics, Owen Chamberlain
1960, Physics, Donald A. Glaser
1961, Physics, Robert Hofstadter
1963, Physics, Eugene Wigner
1963, Physics, Maria Goeppert-Mayer
1964, Physics, Charles H. Townes
1965, Physics, Richard P. Feynman
1965, Physics, Julian Schwinger
1967, Physics, Hans Bethe
1968, Physics, Luis Alvarez
1969, Physics, Murray Gell-Mann
1972, Physics, John Bardeen
1972, Physics, Leon N. Cooper
1972, Physics, Robert Schrieffer
1973, Physics, Ivar Giaever
1975, Physics, James Rainwater
1976, Physics, Burton Richter
1976, Physics, Samuel C. C. Ting
1977, Physics, John H. van Vleck
1977, Physics, Philip W. Anderson
1978, Physics, Arno Penzias
1978, Physics, Robert Woodrow Wilson
1979, Physics, Sheldon Glashow
1979, Physics, Steven Weinberg
1980, Physics, James Cronin
1980, Physics, Val Fitch
1981, Physics, Arthur L. Schawlow
1981, Physics, Nicolaas Bloembergen
1982, Physics, Kenneth G. Wilson
1983, Physics, Subramanyan Chandrasekhar
1983, Physics, William A. Fowler
1988, Physics, Melvin Schwartz
1988, Physics, Jack Steinberger
1988, Physics, Leon M. Lederman
1989, Physics, Hans G. Dehmelt
1989, Physics, Norman F. Ramsey
1990, Physics, Jerome I. Friedman
1990, Physics, Henry W. Kendall
1993, Physics, Joseph H. Taylor Jr.
1993, Physics, Russell A. Hulse
1994, Physics, Clifford G. Shull
1995, Physics, Martin L. Perl
1995, Physics, Frederick Reines
1996, Physics, Douglas D. Osheroff
1996, Physics, Robert C. Richardson
1996, Physics, David M. Lee
1997, Physics, Steven Chu
1997, Physics, William D. Phillips
1998, Physics, Robert B. Laughlin
1998, Physics, Daniel C. Tsui
2000, Physics, Jack S. Kilby
2001, Physics, Carl E. Wieman
2001, Physics, Eric A. Cornell
2002, Physics, Riccardo Giacconi
2002, Physics, Raymond Davis Jr.
2003, Physics, Alexei A. Abrikosov (also Russia)
2004, Physics, David J. Gross
2004, Physics, H. David Politzer
2004, Physics, Frank Wilczek
2005, Physics, Roy J. Glauber
2005, Physics, John L. Hall
2006, Physics, John C. Mather
2006, Physics, George F. Smoot
2008, Physics, Yoichiro Nambu
2009, Physics, Willard S. Boyle (also Canada)
2009, Physics, Charles K. Kao (also UK)
2009, Physics, George E. Smith
2011, Physics, Saul Perlmutter
2011, Physics, Adam G. Riess
2011, Physics, Brian P. Schmidt (also Australia)
2012, Physics, David J. Wineland
2014, Physics, Shuji Nakamura (also Japan)
2016, Physics, J. Michael Kosterlitz
2016, Physics, David J. Thouless (also UK)
2017, Physics, Barry C. Barish
2017, Physics, Kip S. Thorne
2017, Physics, Rainer Weiss
2018, Physics, Arthur Ashkin

1933, Physiology or Medicine, Thomas H. Morgan
1934, Physiology or Medicine, George R. Minot
1934, Physiology or Medicine, William P. Murphy
1934, Physiology or Medicine, George H. Whipple
1943, Physiology or Medicine, Edward A. Doisy
1944, Physiology or Medicine, Joseph Erlanger
1944, Physiology or Medicine, Herbert S. Gasser
1946, Physiology or Medicine, Hermann J. Muller
1947, Physiology or Medicine, Gerty Cori
1947, Physiology or Medicine, Carl Cori
1950, Physiology or Medicine, Philip S. Hench
1950, Physiology or Medicine, Edward C. Kendall
1952, Physiology or Medicine, Selman A. Waksman
1953, Physiology or Medicine, Fritz Lipmann
1954, Physiology or Medicine, Frederick C. Robbins
1954, Physiology or Medicine, John F. Enders
1954, Physiology or Medicine, Thomas H. Weller
1956, Physiology or Medicine, Dickinson W. Richards
1956, Physiology or Medicine, André F. Cournand
1958, Physiology or Medicine, Edward Tatum
1958, Physiology or Medicine, Joshua Lederberg
1958, Physiology or Medicine, George Beadle
1959, Physiology or Medicine, Severo Ochoa
1959, Physiology or Medicine, Arthur Kornberg
1961, Physiology or Medicine, Georg von Békésy
1962, Physiology or Medicine, James Watson
1964, Physiology or Medicine, Konrad Bloch
1966, Physiology or Medicine, Charles B. Huggins
1966, Physiology or Medicine, Peyton Rous
1967, Physiology or Medicine, Haldan K. Hartline
1967, Physiology or Medicine, George Wald
1968, Physiology or Medicine, Robert W. Holley
1968, Physiology or Medicine, H. Gobind Khorana
1968, Physiology or Medicine, Marshall W. Nirenberg
1969, Physiology or Medicine, Salvador E. Luria
1969, Physiology or Medicine, Max Delbrück
1969, Physiology or Medicine, Alfred D. Hershey
1970, Physiology or Medicine, Julius Axelrod
1971, Physiology or Medicine, Earl W. Sutherland, Jr.
1972, Physiology or Medicine, Gerald M. Edelman
1974, Physiology or Medicine, George E. Palade
1975, Physiology or Medicine, Renato Dulbecco
1975, Physiology or Medicine, Howard M. Temin
1975, Physiology or Medicine, David Baltimore
1976, Physiology or Medicine, D. Carleton Gajdusek
1976, Physiology or Medicine, Baruch S. Blumberg
1977, Physiology or Medicine, Rosalyn Yalow
1977, Physiology or Medicine, Roger Guillemin
1977, Physiology or Medicine, Andrew V. Schally
1978, Physiology or Medicine, Hamilton O. Smith
1978, Physiology or Medicine, Daniel Nathans
1979, Physiology or Medicine, Allan M. Cormack
1980, Physiology or Medicine, George D. Snell
1980, Physiology or Medicine, Baruj Benacerraf
1981, Physiology or Medicine, Roger W. Sperry
1981, Physiology or Medicine, David H. Hubel
1983, Physiology or Medicine, Barbara McClintock
1985, Physiology or Medicine, Michael S. Brown
1985, Physiology or Medicine, Joseph L. Goldstein
1986, Physiology or Medicine, Stanley Cohen
1986, Physiology or Medicine, Rita Levi-Montalcini (also Italy)
1988, Physiology or Medicine, George H. Hitchings
1988, Physiology or Medicine, Gertrude B. Elion
1989, Physiology or Medicine, J. Michael Bishop
1989, Physiology or Medicine, Harold E. Varmus
1990, Physiology or Medicine, Joseph E. Murray
1990, Physiology or Medicine, E. Donnall Thomas
1992, Physiology or Medicine, Edmond H. Fischer (also Switzerland)
1992, Physiology or Medicine, Edwin G. Krebs
1993, Physiology or Medicine, Phillip A. Sharp
1994, Physiology or Medicine, Alfred G. Gilman
1994, Physiology or Medicine, Martin Rodbell
1995, Physiology or Medicine, Eric F. Wieschaus
1995, Physiology or Medicine, Edward B. Lewis
1997, Physiology or Medicine, Stanley B. Prusiner
1998, Physiology or Medicine, Ferid Murad
1998, Physiology or Medicine, Robert F. Furchgott
1998, Physiology or Medicine, Louis J. Ignarro
1999, Physiology or Medicine, Günter Blobel
2000, Physiology or Medicine, Paul Greengard
2000, Physiology or Medicine, Eric R. Kandel
2001, Physiology or Medicine, Leland H. Hartwell
2002, Physiology or Medicine, H. Robert Horvitz
2003, Physiology or Medicine, Paul C. Lauterbur
2004, Physiology or Medicine, Richard Axel
2004, Physiology or Medicine, Linda Buck
2006, Physiology or Medicine, Andrew Z. Fire
2006, Physiology or Medicine, Craig C. Mello
2007, Physiology or Medicine, Mario Capecchi
2007, Physiology or Medicine, Oliver Smithies
2009, Physiology or Medicine, Elizabeth H. Blackburn (also Australia)
2009, Physiology or Medicine, Carol W. Greider
2009, Physiology or Medicine, Jack W. Szostak
2011, Physiology or Medicine, Bruce A. Beutler
2011, Physiology or Medicine, Ralph M. Steinman (also Canada)
2013, Physiology or Medicine, James E. Rothman
2013, Physiology or Medicine, Randy W. Schekman
2013, Physiology or Medicine, Thomas C Südhof (also Germany)
2014, Physiology or Medicine, John O'Keefe
2015, Physiology or Medicine, Willian C. Campbell (also Ireland)
2017, Physiology or Medicine, Jeffrey C. Hall
2017, Physiology or Medicine, Martin Rosbash
2017, Physiology or Medicine, Michael W. Young
2018, Physiology or Medicine, James P. Allison

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