• Leopold Auer
  • Joshua Bell 1
  • Mischa Elman
  • Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst
  • Jascha Heifetz
  • Joseph Joachim
  • Leonid Kogan
  • Fritz Kreisler
  • Lord Yehudi Menuhin
  • Nathan Milstein
  • David Oistrakh
  • Itzhak Perlman
  • Gil Shaham
  • Isaac Stern
  • Henryk Szeryng
  • Joseph Szigeti
  • Henryk (Henri) Wieniawski
  • Pinchas Zukerman
  • Joseph Achron
  • Licco Amar
  • Leopold Auer
  • Yuri Bashmet
  • Joshua Bell 1
  • Norbert Brainin
  • Adolf Brodsky
  • Jascha Brodsky
  • Isidore Cohen
  • Ferdinand David
  • Mischa Elman
  • Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst
  • Aldo Ferraresi 2
  • Julia Fischer 3
  • Carl Flesch
  • Pamela Frank
  • Miriam Fried
  • Joseph Fuchs
  • Felix Galimir
  • Josef Gingold
  • Ivry Gitlis
  • Vadim Gluzman
  • Szymon Goldberg
  • Jakab Grün
  • Ida Haendel
  • Emil Hauser
  • Jascha Heifetz
  • Gustav Hollaender
  • Daniel Hope 4
  • Bronislaw Huberman
  • Joseph Joachim
  • Leila Josefowicz 5
  • Oleg Kagan
  • Ilya Kaler
  • Leonid Kogan
  • Rudolf Kolisch
  • Miriam Kramer
  • Fritz Kreisler 6
  • Gidon Kremer 7
  • Izydor Lotto
  • Albert Markov
  • Alexander Markov
  • Johanna Martzy
  • Lord Yehudi Menuhin
  • Anne Akiko Meyers 8
  • Nathan Milstein
  • Shlomo Mintz
  • Mischa Mischakoff
  • Erica Morini
  • Tivadar Nachez
  • David Oistrakh
  • Igor Oistrakh 9
  • György Pauk
  • Itzhak Perlman
  • Mark Peskanov
  • Michael Rabin
  • Julian Rachlin
  • Aaron Rosand
  • Max Rostal
  • Arnold Rosé
  • Alexander Schneider
  • Toscha Seidel
  • Gil Shaham
  • Hagai Shaham
  • Oscar Shumsky
  • Joseph Silverstein
  • Julian Sitkovetsky
  • Vladimir Spivakov
  • Tossy Spivakovsky
  • Arnold Steinhardt
  • Isaac Stern
  • Henryk Szeryng
  • Joseph Szigeti
  • Henri Temianka
  • Lionel Tertis
  • Maxim Vengerov
  • Henryk (Henri) Wieniawski
  • Efrem Zimbalist
  • Nikolaj Znaider
  • Pinchas Zukerman
  • Paul Zukofsky
1. Jewish mother, non-Jewish father. See article in New York Magazine by Charles Michner, 16 July 1990.
2. Jewish mother, non-Jewish father.  See
3. Jewish mother, non-Jewish father; see 21 July 2005 interview with Julia Fischer: "Maturity is all in a musician's mind," by Andrew Clark in The Financial Times (London).  Clark writes of Fischer that "she is the product of nature as much as nurture.  Her Jewish mother - 'everything comes from her' - is a pianist of Slovak descent; her German father, a computer specialist, 'is the most passionate listener to music I've ever known.'" 
4. Jewish mother, non-Jewish father.  See
5. Paternal grandparents were Szymon and Bronia Josefowicz, Polish-Jewish immigrants to Canada.  Maternal grandparents were Ian and Pamela (née White) Harris, who were Canadians of non-Jewish, English ancestry.
6. Kreisler never acknowledged his Jewish background, but both of his parents came from Jewish families.  Neue Deutsche Biographie (NDB) lists his religion as "israelitisch dann katholisch" ("Jewish, then Catholic"). 
Amy Biancolli's biography Fritz Kreisler: Love's Sorrow, Love's Joy  (Amadeus Press, Portland Oregon, 1998) contains an extensive discussion  of Kreisler's Jewish background (see Chapter 8: "Kreisler the Catholic, Kreisler the Jew").    She cites a 1992 interview with Franz Rupp, Fritz Kreisler's piano accompanist in the 1930s, which was conducted by David Sackson.  Rupp is quoted as stating that he once asked Kreisler's brother, the cellist Hugo Kreisler, about their Jewish background, to which Hugo responded simply, "I'm a Jew, but my brother, I don't know."  Viennese Jewish communal archives contain the birth records of both Fritz and Hugo Kreisler, as well as Hugo's 1929 burial record.  They also contain the marriage record of their parents, Dr. Samuel Kreisler and Anna Reches.  The birth records of Fritz and Hugo give Anna Reches' Jewish name as "Chaje Riwe" (rendered as "Chaje Ribe" in Hugo's record).  There are numerous other individuals surnamed "Reches" in the Jewish archives.  Biancolli indicates that Fritz's mother was most probably not of Jewish origin, but this assertion is apparently incorrect.  According to Louis Lochner's 1950 biography Fritz Kreisler, Kreisler was reared as a Roman Catholic.  However, according to unpublished parts of the manuscript uncovered by Biancolli in the Library of Congress, he was baptized only at the age of twelve.  The bottom line seems to be that Kreisler was entirely Jewish by descent and his reticence on the subject primarily an attempt to placate his highly anti-Semitic wife Harriet.  ("Fritz hasn't a drop of Jewish blood in his veins!" she is said to have vehemently responded to an inquiry from Leopold Godowsky.  Godowsky retorted: "He must be very anemic.")  
7. Jewish father; see
8. Jewish father, non-Jewish mother.  In an April 5, 2002 interview with Derek Paiva in TheHonolulu Advertiser, Meyers is described as being "of Jewish and Japanese ancestry."
9. Jewish father, non-Jewish mother.

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